One depressed puppy

Ironically my snowmobile is stuck in Bethel due to snow 😀 ATS called yesterday afternoon to confirm they’d received it from NAC, and it was due to fly out today. We’ve had horrible wet snow falling all day though (and still coming down) so there wasn’t a single plane coming in or out. Maybe tomorrow.

Kat’s in Bethel until Friday doing some grade moderation stuff for school – they flew out yesterday before the storm came in and hopefully will make it back okay on Friday. So, it’s just me and Mia for the next couple of days, though I don’t think Mia is too keen! She’s just wandered around all day going in + out of all the rooms whinning then flopping down on the floor and sighing. Definately seems depressed without Kat being here – must be bad as she didn’t eat her breakfast until dinner time! I’ll take her out on the tundra tomorrow if the weather clears and let her run around chasing after birds 🙂


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