Snowmobile one flight closer to Tunt

I called Northern Air Cargo this afternoon to figure out where my snowmobile has disappeared too – the online tracking still hadn’t shown it arriving in Bethel, and according to their schedule, their is no flight 734! But, turns it out it’s been sat in Bethel since Saturday waiting to be paid for and picked up. My physic powers have obviously been hampered by the cold weather… But, it’s now paid for and the snowmobile been released to Arctic Transportation Services for the flight down to Tunt. Hopefully that it will get transfered tonight or tomorrow so they can get it weighed and booked in for delivery as ATS fly down here on a Tuesday, Thursday + Saturday.

We did get some snow last night so there’s at least a thin covering on the ground, and one guy did run a snowmobile across the lake earlier today. It’s probably warmer outside today anyway (around 20-25F but with 30-40mph winds bringing windchill to -10F) since our heating ain’t worked the last 2-3 days 🙁 It’s apparently colder in school though, so at least I don’t feel like a complete muppet wearing fleece-lined jeans and thermals indoors!


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