Starting to freeze over again

After it looking more like Spring outside with the warm weather clearing all the snow and making the lakes look like normal lakes again, the temperature started dropping late this afternoon and is a few degrees below freezing now. We went out for a walk this evening and Mia managed to break her leash, though in fairness a fox was trying to make a move for her. I’d already chased it away once, but it was just watching from some long grass then came back over again to see what was going on. Cue Mia and her big dog bark followed by bounding off down the boardwalk after it and me left with a leash getting longer and longer until it snapped 🙁 To give her credit, she did come pretty much right back and funnily enough the fox decided a 65lbs+ dog chasing after you and barking rather loudly wasn’t worth investigating any more!

But, the water was frozen over again for the first time in a few days and the temperature is going to keep on falling the next few days. My snowmobile still hasn’t been checked in at Bethel, so guess it won’t be until Monday (or maybe Tuesday, or Wednesday…) before it actually gets processed. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll actually be able to get it down from the airport 🙂


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