Snowmobile on it’s way

According to the Northern Air Cargo tracking tool, my snowmobile left Anchorage at 7p.m tonight 😀 Of course, with it being Bethel, it hasn’t showed as arriving after 4 1/2 hours. Either it’s going via Seattle (no, that would be a USPS idea…) or they’ve simply written down the tracking numbers of items on the back of a Subways napkin and stuck it in their back pocket ready for their mom to do laundry. Or they simply can’t be bothered to unload the airplane on a Friday evening…

I’m thinking given the fact there’s now bugger all snow outside, riding it down from Bethel ain’t happening unless I convert it to a jetski like back on Lake Tahoe. It’s 11.30p.m and must be 50F right now. Even getting ATS to fly it down to Tunt could get interesting as right now I’d struggle even to ride it back from the airport! But, I’d rather have it sitting at the airport here in Tunt than in a cargo store in Anchorage for another couple of weeks! It’s due to get colder over the weekend so things can freeze over again and ATS only fly down here three times a week, weather dependant.

And there was Kat trying to convince me to get the canoe out tomorrow so she could take a photo of me canoeing on the river in December…


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