Should have stuck to me canoe…

After 3 weeks with no work, Frank asked me to go into school today to build some covers and boardwalk sections to protect the new oil lines that have been installed. With the snowmobiles moving around the school, he’s worried they’ll ride over the pipes and cause damage (which is quite a reasonable assumption!). Just happens that yesterday and again today it’s rained a lot, so rather than fighting the cold I was fighting the wet! Kinda ironic that when we were last working we were digging sewer sections out the snow and today I was building support legs to keep the boardwalks out the water! I’m also blaming the fact that I bought a used snowmobile from Anchorage on Monday which is sitting at Northern Air Cargo waiting to get shipped out – it was checked-in at 12:42p.m which is right around when it started raining 🙁

I’d been looking at used snowmobiles for a while thinking that people in the village or in Bethel would sell an old machine when they bought new ones with their PFD checks, but most of the snowmobiles for sale are either way overpriced for what you’re getting or have been used + abused and likely to lead to more problems. Craigslist has a bunch of good snowmobiles for sale around Anchorage for $1500-$1800, but by the time you stick on anywhere between $500-$800 to get it to Tunt (given the fact there’s no way you could it back from Bethel right now!) it’s just too much for. So, the budget was $1500 flown to Bethel and I came across a nice liquid cooled ’91 Polaris Indy 500 SKS with a rebuilt engine 500 miles ago for $1000.

The seller was really nice and his wife was originally from Bethel, with her mom actually selling stuff at the craft fair Kat went to on Saturday (who, by the way, came back with 440lbs of luggage between the four of them and caused the pilot to fib a little bit when declaring the weights so they’d be cleared to, very slowly, take off…)! The guy checked over the sled ready for it to be rode right away if I do bring it down from Bethel on the trail, found a new drive belt to include, then drove it down to NAC at Anchorage airport for shipping which saved a lot of hassle for me. It’s not going to set any land-speed records, but the Indy 500’s are generally very reliable and keep on running for years, and quite a few people in the village have the same model though maybe not the same age range. It’s good enough to get me moving around the village and to get ice fishing when things freeze a bit more, and when it comes to selling it when we move I’ll be able recoup some of the shipping costs back as most of the locals buy in snowmobiles from Anchorage too and then get hit with shipping fees.

Will probably be a week or two before I actually get my hands on it (and have Mark look over it for me 😉 ), but given the weather it’s no great loss to be sitting around waiting for it!


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