MacBook now running a 120Gb hard drive

Even though the post office here in Tunt has seemingly switched to it’s winter service by only opening on an afternoon (maybe after one morning last winter there was a sign on the door saying “Too cold, maybe open after lunch”…), my new hard drive arrived. Well, actually it arrived on Monday but I had to use my physic abilities to know I had to go sign it for myself since there was no card left in the mail box for me. Thankfully I saw the FedEx tracking status and went down anyways 🙂 It all seems to work fine, and only took half an hour or so to restore my user profile and all the music, videos, etc. Pretty nice seeing 60Gb free space with all the apps re-installed given my old drive was 60Gb total!

But, coming back from the post office I became Dr Dolittle with 5 dogs in tow behind Mia. There’s a bunch of puppies running around the village the last few weeks and no-one is taking responsibility for them. The VPSO’s are waiting on a gun (‘cos I guess the entire armory full of weapons or one of the half a dozen guns in the entry way of every house aren’t the ‘right’ guns…) before rounding them up. Kinda sad as some are just very playful and wanting attention, along with food, water and somewhere warm to sleep given it pretty much hit 0F the last couple of days. Anyways, I took my chances walking back across the lake since trying to get 5-6 dogs off the boardwalks every time a 4-wheeler came past was getting boring! I’d forgot how hard it was to walk through deep snow across the lake, especially on the edges, but it was solid enough. Two or three people went through the ice last week on snowmobiles or 4-wheelers as the ice just wasn’t thick enough in places, but it’s all frozen now. Still not convinced about the river though 😉


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