Back to looking like Alaska again

Over the last few days the temperature has really been falling (was around -10C plus a good windchill this afternoon), and the snow keeps slowly building up. With the lakes frozen over for a couple of weeks or more now, people are taking snowmobiles and 4-wheelers across without much hesitation, though they have marked out parts of the lake not quite frozen enough for riding over:

Snowmobile going across lake

The river is frozen over now too, some places more than others, and people have been going out ice fishing for a couple of days now. It’s more to check over all their equipment I guess as there’s not much to be caught in there! Maybe they fancy their luck or just feel like making the most of it freezing. It’s not solid enough to take a snowmobile, and since I’m a big bloke with a big dog pulling on the leash, I decided not to test just how thick it was!

River now frozen over

Those little dots on the river are triangles made out of sticks which mark where someone has cut through the ice for fishing – they are all right in close by the river bank in case the ice does start cracking! But, there was one guy out giving it a go:

Early-season ice fishing

Definately think I’ll give it another week or two before walking out there myself! But, the more snow comes down, the more Mia seems to love it. We weren’t sure at first how she would take to it, but she’s definately becoming an eskimo dog and ignoring the cold + snow (apart from then coming into a nice warm house and lying on the sofa like she is now…)!


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