Kat’s birthday

Yesterday was Kat’s birthday and she asked for a cake. I did my best considering I didn’t really follow a receipe for the frosting and was trying to apply it with the edge of a measuring spoon!

Kat's birthday cake

Still tasted good so it didn’t really matter. Not a great deal left now either 😉 It’s my Nikki’s birthday on Tuesday so they’re both getting old, though Kat keeps telling I’m just jealous cos she still looks younger than I do anyway!

On Saturday it snowed pretty much right through the day and we ended up with a good 4-5 inches of snow fall. The temperature dropped overnight too and was around 15F (-10C) this morning which was a bit cold. Made everything look very pretty though as everything was white and covered in thick frost pretty much all day. A few people were zipping across the lakes on snowmobiles too as they’ve been slowing icing over, and the past week or so people have been moving them around the village either along the boardwalks, or the sides of the lakes or bare tundra where the ground is frozen over. Definately easier than being dragged along the boardwalks coved in ice by Mia!


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