Snow gradually building up

We took Mia out for a walk yesterday afternoon since it was fairly warm (i.e. somewhere around freezing!), as she’s really enjoying things now most of the tundra is frozen and snow covered. Means she can pretty much run wherever she wants without getting bogged down in wet mud! Even with her huge moose feet she struggles to slow down when running on the boardwalks – just to show how big her paws are, this is her paw print alongside my size 11 (granted, her feet were probably slipping forward a little when running):

Mia footprints

The weather keeps warming up a little for a day or so melting some snow or bringing a little rain, but in general the snow is slowly winning the battle and gradually building up around the village. Edward, one of the locals working with me at school, has a little baby snowmobile he’s been riding the last few days around the edges of the lake as the ground is pretty solid. Not quite thick enough on the lakes to try it, but sure it will be soon!

Boardwalks back to village

We got a bag of Mia’s dog food on Friday and another on Saturday so she should be good for a week or two 😉 I was expecting her to pout and kick up a fuss when we switched her back to normal dog food, but it doesn’t seem to have affected her. Food is food, and that’s all she seems to care about! Later on Saturday afternoon another plane came in purely carrying freight after the planes were weathered most of last week and a bunch of our frozen food from Span Alaska arrived today so we should have enough food to keep us going for a couple of weeks too:

Food in freezer

Not like we can just pop down to Safeway or Tesco if we run out of something, so best to order in bulk 🙂


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