Goodies in the mail

One bag of Mia’s dog food arrived today thankfully, and she didn’t seem too bothered with switching back to dried dog food as opposed to the variety of our food she’s been getting recently. More importantly (depending on whether you’re Mia or not!), Guitar Hero III for the Xbox 360 also arrived in the mail today 😀 I played Guitar Hero II to death, and the latest version is pretty much just a gradual improvement, but mainly it’s the completely new track list that’s important. The boss battles throughout the set lists as part of the encores are a bit weird, especially the final gig (not going to spoil it for anyone!), and they doesn’t really fit into the game as it’s not like it’s telling much of a story. It is a little more involved that Guitar Hero II, but to be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to the cut scenes cartoons, just waiting for the next set list to load! The first couple of gigs are fairly slow in getting started, but then the tracks pick up nicely and some awesome solos in there.

And in other good news, McLaren gave Alonso the boot and he’s likely to drive Red Bull at the back of the grid next season! Sorry, it was a “mutual parting of the ways” with Alonso “agreeing an early release from his contract”. Yup, definately reads like he was politely asked to naff off. What a shame 🙂


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