Month: November 2007

Should have stuck to me canoe…

After 3 weeks with no work, Frank asked me to go into school today to build some covers and boardwalk sections to protect the new oil lines that have been installed. With the snowmobiles moving around the school, he’s worried

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MacBook now running a 120Gb hard drive

Even though the post office here in Tunt has seemingly switched to it’s winter service by only opening on an afternoon (maybe after one morning last winter there was a sign on the door saying “Too cold, maybe open after

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Back to looking like Alaska again

Over the last few days the temperature has really been falling (was around -10C plus a good windchill this afternoon), and the snow keeps slowly building up. With the lakes frozen over for a couple of weeks or more now,

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Farewell, dear friend…

Clicking sounds from hard drives aren’t usually a good sign, especially when it’s accompanied by your screen freezing (which is very uncommon with OS X anyways) 🙁 Sure enough, rebooting the MacBook just flashed the question mark icon meaning it

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Kat’s birthday

Yesterday was Kat’s birthday and she asked for a cake. I did my best considering I didn’t really follow a receipe for the frosting and was trying to apply it with the edge of a measuring spoon! Still tasted good