0.3mph (rounded up)

We were weathered in again this morning, although a couple of airplanes did circle overhead for a few minutes before giving up without landing, but this afternoon the weather broke and a bunch of planes made it in to land. Thankfully our food from Bethel was on one of them – only took 6 days to travel 40 miles! Was also pretty fun riding the 4-wheeler on the boardwalks when they’re covered in compacted snow like this 😉 At least we have some decent food to eat for the next couple of weeks until our big Span Alaska order arrives.

Today’s been kinda fun though as I e-mailed Tony Richards from Lakeland Cam last night as his daily photos yesterday were stunning. I’ve checked his site daily for about 7 years and he always has excellent photos of the Lake District – lucky guy gets to wander the fells every day and photograph them as he does so. He included my e-mail on his site (he usually puts one or two messages from visitors on there each day) and it’s pulled close to 4,000 visitors to my photo gallery in the last few hours 🙂 Kinda cool, as I think there’s some pretty good photos in there and no-one’s e-mailed yet telling me otherwise!

It’s been weird the last few weeks though as I’ve had an offer for carrying advertising for sports/entertainment, an offer to review computer certification preparation software, and an offer to write a weekly report for a snowmobiling site out of Canada. There’s always been a good number of visitors each day to some of the Linux stuff or web scripting I’ve done, but for something that’s really just a personal blog, it’s cool to see people coming in from all over the place and getting involved. The more the merrier!

Now, if there’s any breweries out there wanting someone to review a beer or four, or if Cessna want to provide one of their Private Pilot Training Kits for review (I’d also go for a G1000 equipped 172R if they were really pushy…), I’m all ears 😀


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