Weird network connection problem to my webserver

The last week or so I’ve been having problems getting anything on the webserver that runs a few of my sites. No big deal as most of them serve static content or are handling podcast media delivery of the Unsigned Rock Podcast, but it’s only from this home connection that it fails. The sites are still working as I’ve got a few hundred hits from various football sites recently about my Sunderland vs Newcastle derby match post from last year given the next derby is coming up next month, and there’s been comments left on the blog, so it just seems to be me.

The ISP is clueless (literally…), and a traceroute happily shows data being routed well outside of the Unicom equipment and down through LA to Phoenix and ping works. Isn’t a browser or OS issue as it’s replicated across OS X, Ubuntu and Win XP, and so across Safari, Firefox and IE. FTP also works without a problem, as does my e-mail.

I’m running through Tor at the moment which is running fine (although obviously a little slow), so it’s not like the ISP is dropping all the traffic. Just seems weird the Unicom routers handle the traffic in + out fine on other protocols, but HTTP fails running direct through them yet pointing the browser to a Tor proxy works. Doubt the ISP would be blocking the server on their proxies, but maybe. As it’s not just one domain having a problem, I don’t think it’s an ISP proxy or firewall issue though. Any suggestions welcome as I don’t want to run through Tor everytime I want to make a blog post!


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