I know it’s called ‘snail’ mail but…

Well, after trying again last Wednesday to get into Bethel, the village was pretty much weathered in due to snow all day 🙁 Ironically, only Yute were flying (they pretty much fly in anything!), though all their flights were full with people like me trying to switch from other airlines like Grant or Hageland. Managed to avoid Ed though. So, kinda gave up trying to get out the village, and now we can’t get anything *into* the village! Food we ordered from Bethel last Thursday still hasn’t arrived, and dog food sent out a month ago hasn’t made an appearance either! Today the village was completely weathered in with nothing flying in or out after a few inches of snow last night and snow falling most of the day with low visibility. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some food as Mia has been eating our food, but now we’re pretty much out too. Just seems like there’s nothing we can do to get anyone or anything in or out which is getting more than a little annoying!

At work we’re still waiting on the pex pipe for the glycol heat loop, so it’s not just Kat + I having problems with the mail delivery. Yesterday I hooked up the sewer line into the main school system, just waiting for a chance to disconnect the school supply to install the final 6″ section. I also installed the 2nd pump and connectors in the intermediate tank, along with the valves into the water tank in the houses to allow them to fill up directly once we find a hot water connection point in the school. Was weird being in the holding tank area under the laundry room at school – I ain’t a little guy, and there isn’t much room down there for cutting and joining ABS piping from outside up 4 feet and round corners to the main sewer tank! But, will have done a few hours more than last month so the paycheck should be a little higher, but as I haven’t been able to get into Bethel, seems like I’ll be waiting until Christmas before I’ll be able to open a bank account and they’ll actually get deposited – least it will be a pretty large opening deposit on the account though 🙂


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