Village frustrations

So I should have been sitting in Anchorage right about now. As it is, I’m sat at home. Three Yute flights came into the village this evening – the agent in village, Ed, didn’t let me know about any of them. No excuse as to why, nor an apology, but then he called at 7.45p.m letting me know another flight was coming in ten minutes. This was an hour after checking with Yute and being told no more flights were coming this evening before we asked for a manager to rip someone a new one (when the power then conveniently cut out in the village again). Leaving at 8.05p.m for a 8.30p.m flight out of Bethel wasn’t terribly useful anymore. Given the $75 per segment charge from Alaska Air just for making changes to the itinerary, plus a night’s B&B in Bethel, was looking at $350 even before they started charging extra for the flights themselves since I was travelling on air miles meaning limited choice of flights to start with. I would also have been charged $75 for canceling. Will have to see if I get charged for simply not showing up. Getting weathered in during the winter is one thing, and Alaska Air were very accommodating when that happened at Christmas and didn’t charge for adjusting the flights (even though ironically it was Ed that screwed up getting us onto the last flight for two days), but when the man paid to provide airline support in the village doesn’t even bother telling you the flights are coming in + out is another. $230 wasted on booking flights and no checking flight schools in an effort to get away from here. No food for the next week either since I was meant to bring a load back from the lower 48. If Ed doesn’t get kicked in the head clean off his 4-wheeler next time I see him he should consider himself a very, very lucky man.


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