Yesterday morning, Elena let me know she’d given my pay check to Kat so I should get it quick before she spent it all 😀 Bit surprisingly for a part-time job as a laborer, I’ve been enrolled into the district pension scheme and also have basic medical coverage. Meant I had an extra $50 on top of the $42 tax taken out, but at least I can now chop my hand off with a skillsaw and have my own medical coverage! I was already fully covered under Kat’s medical insurance, but maybe since I’m double-covered I could cut a hand and a foot off… Or just retire on the $8 I have invested! Not sure if I can get my pay check cashed locally, so might just leave it as the initial deposit when opening a bank account whilst in Bethel next week. Either way, comfortably covers a rental car and a bunch of food + supplies I was going to pick up from Carson City / Tahoe.

But, today we finally started laying the pipes between the housing units and school. Other than the 40 feet of 3″ pipe from Marie’s to the intermediate tank, all 250 feet or so of 2″ sewer pipe is laid and joined (meaning I have lovely adhesive cement smeared on my fingers…) and we’ll lay the hot water pipe and connections into the houses tomorrow. After 6 weeks building 300 feet of wooden sections to hold it all, ripping up old boardwalks out the way and building some “steps” to rival the Syndey Habor bridge (okay, maybe not quite, but I still think we should have figured out some kind of automated toll both!), it’s nice to actually start getting the piping in there 🙂


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