Finally finished uploading our summer photos

Has taken forever and a day on our [sarcasm]super-fast[/sarcasm] Internet connection up here, but I’ve finally finished uploading, annotating and mapping the photos from our road trip this summer. Something a little special too given that this is the 500th post on the blog. I write too much crap. Anyway, there’s a little over 350 photos from the various National Parks we visited and the photos from Lake Tahoe too:

The Google Earth setup worked fine before all these extra photos from the summer, and with the Google Earth updates, should be able to switch around and see the satellite image overview along with specific photos from my photo gallery. Was pretty cool checking out photos from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, etc. on a decent Internet connection back in England and hopefully will work well with the US road-trip photos too. Sure someone will let me know if it doesn’t work!

Looking over photos from when it was 110F in Utah is quite apt given it’s around 30F right now after snowing lightly right through the evening. The 4-wheelers are having fun on the boardwalks with some of the snowdrifts, but there’s no-where near enough to bring out the snowblower, and it will be a few weeks before the ground is frozen enough for snowmobiles. Walking is just fine though – cheaper too 😉


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