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We headed out this evening for walk with Mia so she could play out in the snow without being tied up on her cable run outside. Wasn’t all that cold, even if the boardwalks were starting to freeze over. Since it was the 500th post earlier, think of this as a quick birthday photo spree (even though this is the 501st post…)

Sunset after a day's first snow

Up by the airport, there was quite a bit of snow since it doesn’t get much traffic to disturb it. Wouldn’t like to land on the gravel runway not knowing whether it’s icy, snowy, or just bumpy as usual!

First snow at the airport

Mia really seems to be enjoying playing in the snow, plus it means she doesn’t come back soaking wet and covered in mud! Snowballs confuse her though as she’s used to being able to find a ball to bring back for you, but especially with the fluffy snow, they just fall apart meaning she can’t find anything on the ground! Didn’t seem to bother her, she was just excited to be out – watch the backside twitching to sit down, but too excited ‘cos she knows something fun is happening!

With the low temperatures, along with me pulling out my snow boots when hauling water this afternoon and then my down-jacket for this evening’s walk, even the airplanes need to cover up now:

Winter covers on airplanes

And for anyone complaining about gas prices (okay, so you folks back in England pay stupid amounts anyways!), imagine rocking up at the pump and seeing this:

Tunt gas prices

Everyone around the village seems excited by the snow, with kids running around pulling sleds and throwing snowballs. Was weird hauling water this afternoon and worrying about the pipes freezing again, but it will be a few weeks before it gets cold enough for that to start happening I guess. Hopefully we’ll be well on the way to having the hot feeds direct into the housing units by then anyways!


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