First real snow fall

About half an hour before starting work this morning, it began snowing hard, much more than the 5 minute flurries mixed in with rain as over the past week. An hour or so later, there was a good half an inch to an inch of snow, then it eased off even though it stayed cold the rest of the day. This is what I went to work in this morning:

First snow

Thankfully there wasn’t much of a frost on the boardwalks underneath the snow, and other than being pretty cold, wasn’t too bad working outside. Better than the rain, as at least you’d stay dry! It’s been lightly snowing again for the past half an hour, though there isn’t much forecast over the week – it is due to snow again on Monday though 🙂 Something really wrong with that!

First snow

Mia was a bit unsure about the snow at first, as she would only have been 4 months or so before the snow would have began melting in Anchorage, and may not have been outside in the snow too much. Hopefully it won’t get too cold for her – although she’s a Swiss Mountain dog, probably hasn’t been many of predecessors near mountains for a while!


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