First birthday in the US

After a bunch of e-mails last night from forums I rarely visit wishing me a happy birthday (a little early since I haven’t switched time-zone settings on them!), I got up this morning to find Kat had decorated the house for my birthday:

Birthday decorations

I’d kinda figured her + Marie were up to something last night when Kat went over to do some scrapbooking without her scrapbooking stuff, then returned a couple of hours later and said they’d just hung out. Turns out they’d baked a yummy chocolate cake and decorated it 😀 Even had the right number of candles!

Blowing out candles

Thanks to those that had sent cards and managed to negotiate our delightful mail service up here! Kat had ordered a cool Seattle Seahawks t-shirt that was sent out three weeks that hasn’t arrived yet. So long as our Subways ordered yesterday arrive sometime soon as it’s fun having them sitting around in a hangar in Bethel for a day or two! We have a Red Baron pizza (still no Dominos or Pizza Hut in Bethel…) as a back-up incase we’re Sub-less though. UPDATE: Just as I was posting this, Ed turned up with a box full of Subs. Happy days!

I’d got a pair of Carhartt over-all’s from Kat which I’ll try my best to dirty within about 5 minutes of work tomorrow 🙂 This morning was cold – a thick frost still on the boardwalks at 11a.m and only a few degrees above freezing by lunchtime. Warmed up this afternoon, but there’s snow showers predicted for this evening and tomorrow. Won’t lie on the ground as it’s too wet, but it’s definately starting to feel like winter is approaching.

Will have to wait a couple of weeks before I get down to Tahoe for a birthday beer I suppose 😉


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