Month: October 2007

0.3mph (rounded up)

We were weathered in again this morning, although a couple of airplanes did circle overhead for a few minutes before giving up without landing, but this afternoon the weather broke and a bunch of planes made it in to land.

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Weird network connection problem to my webserver

The last week or so I’ve been having problems getting anything on the webserver that runs a few of my sites. No big deal as most of them serve static content or are handling podcast media delivery of the Unsigned

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I know it’s called ‘snail’ mail but…

Well, after trying again last Wednesday to get into Bethel, the village was pretty much weathered in due to snow all day 🙁 Ironically, only Yute were flying (they pretty much fly in anything!), though all their flights were full

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Village frustrations

So I should have been sitting in Anchorage right about now. As it is, I’m sat at home. Three Yute flights came into the village this evening – the agent in village, Ed, didn’t let me know about any of

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Ready to head off for a few days

I’m flying down to Carson City in a couple of hours, whenever the plane from Tunt to Bethel arrives! It’s a Sunday, so probably even further off normal schedule than usual 🙂 With a couple of hours layover in Anchorage

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