World’s strongest dog

Frank writes up a brief weather forecast each day on a whiteboard in the school entrance-way. Yesterday he wrote “Will it ever quit raining?”. Ironically, the sun is shining at the moment after an hour’s rain this morning, and although it does occasionally break, it has been pretty much rain for 4/5 weeks now. It does mean an abundance of rainbows, even double rainbows:

Double rainbow

I hate this kind of weather though as it’s so unpredictable you can walk to the school in bright sunshine and be soaked by the time you get there (bearing in mind it’s maybe 100m!). Our downspout feeding into the water tank became blocked meaning we weren’t catching any of the rain water – got that fixed now as it was no fun filling our water tank in the pouring rain.

Mia just keeps getting bigger, though has a cute + innocent face meaning she pretty much tries to get away with anything:


Usually works too 🙂 Definately growing into her nickname of ‘moose’ due to her size – we had a cable run from the house to the upright on the main sewer line meaning she had a good 40-50 feet or so to run around. This is aircraft-grade strength cable. She broke it. To give her the benefit of the doubt, we had just re-tightened the cable and it broke on one of the bracket-loops so had probably just cut itself on that. So we reverted back to a short cable tie until I fix the main run, then last night I see her wandering the houses with a piece of cable hanging from her collar:

Broken cable

This hadn’t caught on anything other than maybe the boardwalk, so nothing sharp that could have cut it. Even if it was, it takes a lot of effort and and a good amount of time with cutters to get through it. I guess aircraft-strength grade cable doesn’t necessarily mean Mia-strength grade cable 😀 She just sauntered back into the house looking all cute + innocent with this short length of cable from her collar as if nothing was wrong.

Dunno whether I’m more concerned about how we can keep her tied up given the VPSO’s were rounding loose dogs up at the beginning of the week or how strong aircraft actually are!


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