A few days away in October

Recent Snoopy comics (re-runs from the 50’s or 60’s I guess) have had Charlie Brown getting worried about chanting “Rain rain, go away, come again another day” and finding it suddenly stops raining. Could use him here 🙂 Really is the wet season as it rarely goes a few hours without downpours. Our down-spout that connects into the water tank became blocked meaning we ran out of water Monday night even given all the rain. Dave and I had already spent 4 hours working outside in the rain on Tuesday so I just dragged the hoses out, got on with it, and filled our tank. I got the spouts cleared yesterday and the rain today has topped up the tank again. Just doesn’t look too good for getting much work done the next few days. Still, logged 28 hours the last couple of weeks which just about breaks $300! Mark has nick-named the sewer line “the Great Wall of Tunt”, and also informs me that it’s hurricane proof. The logic is that since there’s never been a hurricane destroy any of the buildings in Tunt, everything built up here is, by default, hurricane proof. I like that kinda of logic.

But, thanks to Shopzilla continuing their support of the blog with another year’s worth of advertising, and Alaska Air running a very bizarre mileage plan program, I’m heading down to Carson City / Lake Tahoe for a few days towards the end of October. Given the miles I have, I could transfer a few thousand from Kat and buy a few extra thousand to end up with Bethel to Reno round-trip for $235. I couldn’t fly Bethel to Anchorage for close to that! Kat and I are pretty much set on moving to Carson City next year along with Cris + Luke, and I need to check something out before we commit to a few things. More on that later 😉 Gives me an excuse to get out the village for a few days, and Joel has kindly offered to accompany me for a drink or two whilst down there…

So, flying out Sunday 21st October on the 8.30p.m flight gets me into Reno around 10.15a.m on Monday, then leaving again 10.45 Thursday morning into Bethel by 8p.m, giving me a night in Bethel and a few hours on Friday to get to the DMV in Bethel for a state ID card, then onto the bank to hopefully get an account open. Gives me something to look forward to whilst up to my knees in water + mud for the next few weeks if nothing else!


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