Hard graft

My social security card arrived yesterday, for what good it does. Definately reckon the trade descriptions act could be enforced recently mind – the social security ‘card’ is just a piece of paper, sitting nicely alongside the ‘green’ card that ain’t green. Anyways, although I’ve been able to work the last couple of days as a result, I still can’t open a bank account without a driving licence or state ID. How many forms of ID am I going to end up carrying around with me? Seems like bank accounts for under 16’s are limited to basic savings accounts, much different to England where I had a checking account at 10 years old. Plus, even with a savings account, you either have a monthly fee of $3-$4 for the privelege of giving the bank your money unless you keep anywhere between $300-$500 in there for them to play the stock markets with. Seems like everything is always ‘one more thing’ before you’re actually in a state where you can earn an income and make the most of it. At $11 an hour, will have to work a whole week just to be able to pay for the flights to get into Bethel to obtain a state ID and open a bank account for the school to be able to pay me in the first place… I know living way out here has made things 10 times harder with the whole immigration stuff, but the amount of hoops I’ve jumped through would get me a place in the Moscow State Circus (course, they wouldn’t be able to pay me without a bank account to make desposits to…)!

Working hasn’t exactly been all that fun, but least I know how Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs feels like – spent two hours cleaning the ash out the trash burner yesterday 🙁 Today I helped Mark make a start on the sewer lines out the houses. Didn’t have the foggiest what he was doing as it’s very much figure everything out as you can along, so I just carried 2×6’s, whacked a bunch of nails and held the spirit level 😉 Nowt wrong with an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, just ain’t getting the honesy day’s pay and Kat nicely decided to share the wealth and passed on her cold a couple of days ago!


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