A productive weekend

Whilst in Bethel on Wednesday picking up some groceries, I found a pack of Golden Curry mix and a tin of coconut milk. The last pack of curry mix we got from Tony the dentist was nice, though a little hot, and at the time it would have been good to have some coconut milk to cool and sweeten it. So, I decided to pick some up and give it a go. Last night we had Marie, Angie, Pam and Georgette over for dinner and it turned out really nice. This curry mix was pretty mild anyways, and adding in the coconut milk made it very tasty, similar to a malayan. I also added in some chopped bananas to add a little extra to it. Everyone really liked it and we only just about had enough left for us tonight! I also made a couple of different naan breads, garlic and raisin, and the raisin bread especially was really good. Least we know we can stuff from Bethel next time we order food and make up a big batch 🙂

This afternoon I helped Nick outside as he was wanting to build a deck out the front of his house along with a ramp for his snowmobile to get into the little garage without catching the side of the boardwalk. He’d also had me helping his high-school class out last week building sections of boardwalk as they were doing it as part of their native culture class which was fun. But, it’s nice sized deck, around 8×10 feet, and a nice sloping ramp up to his garage joining on to it. Nick had to jump off to the clinic for a tetanus booster as the wood we used was the old boards from the boardwalk by school that was torn up a couple of weeks ago and still had a bunch of rusty nails in them. He got sorted though and all looks good. With it being Labor Day tomorrow, he’s firing up the barbeque for a bunch of the teachers so it will get a good test as to how sturdy it is!

Hopefully starting Tuesday I’ll be working for the school a few hours a day helping Mark out. Nothing too exciting, just as a laborer on around $11 an hour, but better nothing and Mark’s always fun to be around. He came over checking fire extinguishers on Friday, saw me playing Nascar ’08 on the Xbox 360 and so played for a few minutes to see if it was any good! Frank, the principal, is hoping to get new sewer lines hooked up to the four houses on the other side of school to feed them back into the main school system, so there’s plenty of work to keep us going. There’s also going to be workmen hooking up water and oil lines in the fall, meaning hopefully there’s going to a nice supply of stuff to get done if they need some help.


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