Month: September 2007

World’s strongest dog

Frank writes up a brief weather forecast each day on a whiteboard in the school entrance-way. Yesterday he wrote “Will it ever quit raining?”. Ironically, the sun is shining at the moment after an hour’s rain this morning, and although

A few days away in October

Recent Snoopy comics (re-runs from the 50’s or 60’s I guess) have had Charlie Brown getting worried about chanting “Rain rain, go away, come again another day” and finding it suddenly stops raining. Could use him here 🙂 Really is

Hard graft

My social security card arrived yesterday, for what good it does. Definately reckon the trade descriptions act could be enforced recently mind – the social security ‘card’ is just a piece of paper, sitting nicely alongside the ‘green’ card that

A productive weekend

Whilst in Bethel on Wednesday picking up some groceries, I found a pack of Golden Curry mix and a tin of coconut milk. The last pack of curry mix we got from Tony the dentist was nice, though a little