Month: August 2007

Easy canoe transportation tips

After heading up river for a few hours fishing this afternoon, I found an easier way to get the canoe home after an hour’s worth of hard paddling back – get the kids to carry it 😀 Usually I carry

Portage Glacier group shot

Seems like so long ago when we took the cruise to Portage glacier, but Nick + Dana got round to looking over some of their photos and had a nice shot of the four of us: The photo doesn’t really

Canoeing close-up

Nick + Dana were buzzing around the river a couple of days whilst I was out on the canoe and got a good shot of me with the canoe packed up: No fun today though, has been raining pretty much

Canoeing, fishing and nearly a night’s camping!

Yesterday I hopped in the canoe and headed up river a couple of miles or so to try some fishing along there. It was a really nice day, pretty hot, but also thick with mosquitos and gnats 🙁 The plan

Fun in a canoe

The weather has been crappy the last 4/5 days with pretty much constant rain, ranging from that ‘orrible light stuff that gets you really wet without you realising it to raining proverbial cats + dogs where you nearly get knocked