Social Security all sorted

Oh look, I’m back at Anchorage airport again. Feels like I never left since I was gone less than 2 hours which included a taxi ride, bus ride and coming back through security. Oh, and less time at the social security office than in the taxi on the way there 🙂

All sorted though – the lady was spending more time asking how on earth I ended up in Tunt, much like at the embassy in London when applying for the visa. I’ve got a receipt showing I’ve applied for a social security card now which I can give to the school until the actual card arrives. They claim two weeks, but that doesn’t always go to plan given the mail out there!

I’ve also been a little surprised at how much cargo traffic comes through Anchorage right through the night. Seems like every other plane is either Fedex or UPS, or a Boeing 747 from Cathay Pacific Cargo (there’s 4 of them parked up right in front of me now), JAL, Korean Air Cargo, etc. Looks like most of the cargo from/to Asia must come into Anchorage either en-route to or from the lower 48. Shame I don’t have my scanner with me to listen in to all the traffic, but reckon security might have took the antenna off me I’ve tried to bring it through as carry-on 🙁


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