And now back in Tunt

No problems on the flight to Bethel at lunchtime, and had plenty of time to pick up some groceries, pet food, and Subways 🙂 Only had to hang around at Yute Air for an hour an a half as they left an hour earlier than scheduled since everyone was there and the plane loaded. So it ended up being only 23 hours round-trip 😉

Think I’ve also found my new favourite website after picking up a link in Flying magazine – It’s been fun after getting a cheap $10 voltage converter to get my radio scanner from England working to listen in to the air traffic around here, but it’s not exactly constant transmissions as it’s mainly just picking up on Common Traffic Advisory Frequencies (CTAF) so is just short messages from pilots announcing their intentions to land at a certain airport or when taking off. LiveATC has feeds provided by people around the world connecting their scanners to the computers and broadcasting them across the Internet. Pretty cool listening to flowing traffic at Las Vegas or Seattle in real-time!


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