Safely in Anchorage

Made it to Anchorage – just have 10 hours or so to kill before getting a taxi to the social security office 🙁 The power went out as I was waiting for the flight out of Tunt, but Ed helpfully came by to let me know it was coming in. Then went on to tell me how he went caribou hunting and after having shot two or three and started taking parts of the carcass back to the boat, when they returned, 3 of the legs they had removed from one of the caribou were missing. He’s also convinced there are signs of black or brown bear near the airport. Kinda adds a bit more emphasis to the idea of bears in the area, though I’d be amazed if they were coming that close to the village, even if they are desperate for food!

Anyways, I managed a good shot showing the width of the Kuskokwim – no idea the exact distances, but considering we’re flying at 1,200 feet, down at ground level you’d probably be hard pushed to figure out the far side of the river given it’s so flat:

Width of Kuskokwim

I also remembered to keep my camera out on the flight from Bethel to Anchorage so have a few photos to put into the photo gallery at some point. Even given the $50,000+ worth of debt to cover flight training, 18+ months as a flight instructor, and a starting salary of around $20,000 as first officer for a local or regional airline, sitting in the left hand seat of a Boeing 737-400C on night’s like this would be worth it:

Alaskan Range on Bethel flight

Maybe it’s just a pipe-dream…


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