Fantasy football

I got signed up to the Rotohog fantasy football league over the weekend as a few people from school are doing it, and figured it would be fun after the exploits of Wooden Spoon FC in the Greencroft fantasy football league back in England. The blokes over here don’t kick the ball though, dunno what that’s all about… Kat’s been very excited the last couple of weeks since pre-season started as there’s been one or two matches on TV 🙂 But after negotiating the draft 2nd time round after the first attempt was caught up in network problems on the server end, my team lines up like this at the moment:

  • QB – Chad Pennington (NYJ)
  • QB – Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)
  • RB – Willie Parker (Pit)
  • RB – Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac)
  • WR – Terry Glenn (Dal)
  • WR – Reggie Brown (Phi)
  • WR – Marques Colston (NO)
  • TE – Jeremy Shockey (NYG)
  • K – Josh Brown (Sea)
  • DEF – Buffalo Bills

Was kinda hard as your team budget and player pricing made it very difficult to find a well balanced team. You had $300 for your team of 10, and someone such as LaDainian Tomlinson was $93! I think Jason went for Tomlinson and Payton Manning at QB, then a bunch of $5-$10 players as that was well over half his budget gone! So long as neither gets injured, will rack up a decent amount of points I guess, but I figured I’d spread the wealth a little. You also get to buy three additional players after the two week draft window is over, but have to wait and see how that works and whether I can pick up any other decent players.

I’m heading off to Anchorage later on this afternoon to drop a form into the social security office tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to it 🙁 It wouldn’t be too bad if Anchorage wasn’t so expensive for a hotel room or daily rental car as I might have stayed a day or two rather than arriving at 9.30p.m, sleeping overnight in the airport, and flying back out again a little before 12 noon the following day. More concerned about hanging around for the flight from Tunt to Bethel than the Alaska Air flight though!


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