Evening walk around the village

The weather was a little moody this evening, but was still fairly warm and pretty much bug-free after some rain. There was a nice rainbow right out the living room window just as we were heading out for a walk:


But, thought since everything was so green after the rain and with overcast skies, it would be fun to take some photos showing the contrast between the snow-covered landscapes of winter with the grass-covered landscapes of summer. I tried to remember where I’d taken photos over the winter, so hopefully the scenes will be familiar, just with a completely different feel to them! First up, the lake we look at out the living room:

Lake to post office

The other pair of windows out the living room look across to these two houses, though we have the school’s sewer lagoon smack in the middle of our view – this view from the boardwalk is much better!

Lake to amoury

Out the back of the school, the lake behind where Marie now lives:

Lake behind school

Although it always seems like a weird placement within the village, the cemetery looks quite pretty as they regularly place flowers and wreaths around the grave markers:


Looking completely different to the end of January – the Moravian church:

Morvian church

From the river bank looking towards the airport – very calm waters, although after experiencing this calmness on the canoe, it’s deceiving. The tide is creating a pretty strong current just under the surface.

River to airport

The community center is easily visible from a couple of miles out the village on canoe trips as it’s the only two-storey building. Looking quite dominant with the dark skies around it and shadows on the lake:

Community center

We then headed out towards the dump to let Mia run through the tundra off her leash – she really enjoys playing fetch and seems completely content with a stick in her mouth. Is still a little unsure about exploring when we’re just walking, but get her something to fetch and she’s sorted!

Mia with stick

She’s quite happy just following me as I wander across the tundra too. I was trying to see if she would try swimming in one of the little ponds but she was happier just drinking the water and splashing around the tall grass instead!

Walking with Mia on the tundra

But, school was due to start tomorrow, however as there’s still work to be done inside the school to bring it up to scratch (i.e. cubicles in bathrooms, running water in faucets, fire alarms, etc.!), it’s another teacher workday and hopefully the kids will be be in on Tuesday. Gives Kat a little more time to prepare, although her new classroom is pretty much sorted. Is a lot bigger than the 4th grade classroom last year, and there’ll only be around 12 kids too! Is kinda sad it’s taken some of the workmen so long to complete there jobs, as some of them such as the carpet layers really knuckled down and got everything sorted quickly, but others are spending as much time taking cigarette breaks and complaining about how they’re sleeping in the library (as opposed to working more than 4 hours a day for the past three weeks so they’d have been long gone by now…). Still, nice to know contractors are the same as back in England – can remember Greencroft having the same problems most summers with work going slowly and limited resources in science labs or kitchens by the time school started again 😀


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