Easy canoe transportation tips

After heading up river for a few hours fishing this afternoon, I found an easier way to get the canoe home after an hour’s worth of hard paddling back – get the kids to carry it 😀

Kids carrying canoe

Usually I carry it there deflated in the carry bag and then haul it back inflated to dry, but I couldn’t be bothered to do either tonight. Thankfully there’s usually a bunch of kids hanging around when you need them and think it’s great to carry things. Same with telling the kids you’ll race them to the post office whilst they’re on bikes and you’re on the 4-wheeler so they’ll carry the heavy boxes for you 😉

Still, least my canoe doesn’t usually have three kids floating around the river with a net tied to a tree on the bank and using a shovel (just the one, between three of them) as an oar… They seemed to be having fun though as I coasted up to them coming back into the village this afternoon – having more luck too, they caught a pike yesterday.


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