Month: August 2007

And now back in Tunt

No problems on the flight to Bethel at lunchtime, and had plenty of time to pick up some groceries, pet food, and Subways 🙂 Only had to hang around at Yute Air for an hour an a half as they

Social Security all sorted

Oh look, I’m back at Anchorage airport again. Feels like I never left since I was gone less than 2 hours which included a taxi ride, bus ride and coming back through security. Oh, and less time at the social

Safely in Anchorage

Made it to Anchorage – just have 10 hours or so to kill before getting a taxi to the social security office 🙁 The power went out as I was waiting for the flight out of Tunt, but Ed helpfully

Fantasy football

I got signed up to the Rotohog fantasy football league over the weekend as a few people from school are doing it, and figured it would be fun after the exploits of Wooden Spoon FC in the Greencroft fantasy football

Evening walk around the village

The weather was a little moody this evening, but was still fairly warm and pretty much bug-free after some rain. There was a nice rainbow right out the living room window just as we were heading out for a walk: