Fishing (without any success!)

On Sunday afternoon, Archie let Nick and I borrow his boat again and we headed down the river a few miles and tried our luck fishing a bit. The locals never tried fishing on the river running through Tunt until the ice broke earlier in the year which cut them off from ice fishing the traditional grounds, and were surprised at the amount + size of pike they caught from the river here. I’d got some spinning gear over the summer and it’s actually quite a nice Shimano rod + reel so wanted to try it out, and we were hoping we’d catch some whitefish which are a little nicer than pike. We didn’t catch anything, even trawling salmon nets across the river a couple of times, but there were fish jumping near the bank 20 feet or so from the boat so we definately weren’t fishing somewhere completely devoid of fish!

I headed out again yesterday afternoon just walking along the river a little way, though as the tide was coming in I headed back to one of the main docks where the ground was drier. Still didn’t catch anything, but nice to be outside 🙂 I met Drew and Kaley who are running the Camp Fire project which organises activities within communities to help engage the kids in various activities such as sports games, team building games, outdoor pursuits such as swimming, hiking and camping, etc. The two of them had already traveled to three other villages, spending two weeks each time with the kids and taking in the local culture. Both of them seemed to be enjoying it, although having spent their money on gas to take the kids up river in a boat to camp overnight, they were washing their hair whilst swimming in the river yesterday afternoon. I told them they were welcome to come over to our house anytime if they wanted something a bit more comfortable and we took them meatloaf + potatoes last night which seemed to go down well!

Mia on the tundra

Mia’s slowly becoming used to the village – it’s clear she’s only been used to walking along sidewalks as she rarely strays off the boardwalks around the village. Makes it easy taking her for a walk I suppose! We’ve headed out towards the dump where there’s plenty of open tundra without any other dogs around and she really seems to enjoy running free. Once Marie + Rocky get back on Friday we’ll head out there and she can play with Rocky and really go exploring! She listens really well too so someone has obviously taken time to train her in the past.

A bunch of dog food, treats, and toys came in for Mia today which is keeping her happy, and we got the bulk of our Walmart order in too. They must have been bored as most of our items were wrapped in 30 feet of cling-film and then taped up too! Pretty quick delivery which was nice, though there’s still one smaller box we’re waiting on. Was also fun going to the store and finding three people stacking shelves but no check-out clerk so I couldn’t buy anything – the clerk had gone berry picking! A couple of kids have just dropped off some akutaq (pronounced a-goo-duk) which is kinda like the eskimo version of ice cream, this one made with salmon berries. Should be nice as a dessert after dinner!


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