Permanent residency approved

As if one last hurrah, Murphy’s law reared it’s head this afternoon – checking the mail I received a letter from the USCIS reading “Welcome to the United States of America” 😀 My application for permanent residency has been approved and the green card itself should arrive within the next three weeks. Means everything is all official in being a permanent resident over here, and no worrying about expired visas and stuff! Just annoying that the employment authorisation card arrived at the end of June in an unmarked envelope so Nick hadn’t picked it up meaning I could have applied for social security whilst in Anchorage, and the green card is also going to arrive shortly after getting back here to Tunt. Still, least that’s all the paperwork done with – I just have to apply for the conditional status to be removed within the next two years if I wish to continue living in the US before it then becomes a rolling 10-year green card. Cuts down on having to make another trip to Anchorage if they had decided to investigate the case further or required move evidence too. Has only taken 18 months I suppose 😉


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