Back home safe + sound

Back at home in Tunt (and back on our super high-speed internet…) 🙂 The last couple of days were busy in Anchorage as we had a ton of shopping going on. We picked up a cheap $20 duffle bag from Walmart to bring stuff back, and Kat still ended up 8lbs overweight with her bag! Not too bad, and we’d also mailed a bunch of stuff back I picked up from school a little while ago. Means we have a bunch of meat, fresh fruit + vegetables, and stuff for Mia, and more coming on a bush order from Walmart.

Mia is really enjoying the open-ness of the tundra and exploring everything. She was so good with the flights and didn’t whine or bark at all on the planes or at the airports which took a lot of stress out of things. Was only $100 to fly her back and no real problem getting her checked over. Guess it will just take a little while for her to get used to the other dogs up here, along with the sights + smells of village life.

Our own charter plane coming back to Tunt was cool too – as we’d been delayed half an hour or so leaving Anchorage it was literally out of the Alaska Air building, drag our stuff across to Yute, then a couple of guys grabbed our bags and took them straight to the plane waiting on the tarmac, so to speak! I reckoned we had at least 300lbs of baggage, and given how much space it took up in the Cessna 207, there’s no way we’d have made it onto a scheduled flight if there were a few other people plus their luggage to load onto the plane!

So, a day or two resting and enjoying sleeping in our bed again and sorting through all our stuff and we should be back into the swing of things. There’s been a load of work going on inside the school making it look like a mess, but I’m sure once all the equipment is removed and furniture put back into place it will look as good as new (maybe better with a new paint-job throughout!).


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