Our new puppy, Mia

After a right run round around over Saturday + Sunday at the animal shelter, we ended up with this beauty 😀


She’s about 7 months old, and a right mix of breeds! The colouring is of a burmese mountain dog, but her face and characteristics are more of a labrador/retriever/husky mix which is what they originally had her noted as. Full of energy and very excitable, Mia’s also very intelligent, and the combination hasn’t made it easy for her as her previous owners haven’t been able to control her which is why she was left at the shelter.

We actually looked at her on Saturday, took her outside to play for a while and a little walk, but then we were told we’d have to take her there and then which made it difficult since our hotel won’t allow pets. After calling around local dog kennels, we came across the Dog Wash which had a very helpful + friendly owner that has a couple of play rooms for the dogs, and lets you know wander in + out whenever you want to play with your dog or take them out, so we can keep heading back over the next few days so Mia gets used to us. Kinda sad we’re having to leave her at a kennel as she’d actually been adopted on the Saturday afternoon and returned rightaway again on Sunday as we were there looking at other puppies 🙁 The shelter staff hadn’t really wanted to adopt her out to the people that took her as the lady didn’t seem to realise how lively a puppy is and how much attention they need.

Mia again

As she’s so smart, the shelter staff have found she’s able to quickly figure out what she can get away with and with who, but has responded very easily to basic training and obedience. But, they said a lot of people coming in adopting dogs don’t realise how much effort it takes, and with Mia, the main problem all her previous owners had were that she jumps at people which most dogs do when they’re excited and meeting new people. I’m sure we’ll be able to calm her down and discipline her a little so she knows it’s not okay to greet people like that.

Yesterday we met up with Nick + Dana who have rented an RV for three days – they had a rental car for the day and they let us borrow it so we could drive down to Portage Glacier with them for an hour long cruise on the lake and up to the glacier, then we drove it back to Anchorage whilst they headed south to Kenai. We’re at the airport again now to pick up our rental car for the next two days, and off to see Mia after Kat’s dental appointment at noon 😀


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