Yosemite National Park

After a few days of traveling through Northern California and Oregon without having internet, we’re now sat in Kelso, just inside Washington. On Monday we headed into Yosemite National Park which didn’t turn out to be as busy as we feared, but that may be because we avoided the village area completely! Instead, we drove up to Glacier Point to view the valley from 3,500 feet up, including a stunning panorama of Mirror Lake (dry), Half Dome, and Vernal Falls (lower) and Nevada Falls:

Half Dome and falls

Four mile trail lead all the way down to the valley bottom, though we decided the climb back up was a bit too much in an afternoon 😉 Yosemite Falls didn’t seem all that impressive as into the middle of July very little was flowing since it’s predominately melting snow + ice that feeds it.

Yosemite valley floor

Coming back down the Glacier Point road and through the tunnel, we got the classic view of Yosemite, even if the trees are getting a bit tall for the postcard photos!

Yosemite view

A nice little walk from the west end of the valley led us to Bridalveil Falls. Similar to Yosemite Falls, a lack of water feeding the stream above kinda lowered it’s impact, but it was still very pretty:

Bridalveil Falls

El Capitan, the largest vertical granite rock face at over 3,000 feet in height dominates the entrance to Yosemite Valley:

El Capitan

We ended up with a whistle-stop tour of Yosemite, nowhere near enough to do it justice. As with a lot of the other national parks, the more we saw, the more we wanted to stay and explore. Least it’s given plenty of ideas for future trips, as there seems lots of good hiking + camping spots in Yosemite. Even avoiding the valley itself, it’s easy to see the main views without getting stuck in the crowds. Up on Glacier Point, although there were quite a few people buzzing around, it never felt cramped or overly busy. Definately a place to go back to 😀


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