Viva Las Vegas!

It’s no secret I ain’t a fan of casinos, cities, large groups of tourists, and warm weather. So Las Vegas at night when it’s still 92F at 10p.m wasn’t how I’d describe a perfect evening, but even after 4 miles of walking all the way from downtown casino district to the bottom of The Strip, it was still pretty cool! We’re staying in The Four Queens Hotel & Casino which is the fanciest hotel I’ve stayed in for $35 a night! Even when we’ve paid $40-$45 on motels recently some haven’t exactly been in the most desirable location or state of upkeep, but this has brand new plush carpets, king-size bed, and 32″ LCD TV 😀

Driving over the Hoover Dam on our way to Vegas was a huge let down – you only got to see the arse-end of it, as the highway then wound back up the mountain on the other side and away from the front side view. Maybe the only way is to take a hike from somewhere to somewhere I couldn’t find, or go on a river trip from below the dam. But, our interagency national park annual pass got us into Lake Mead National Recreation Area so we had an hour or so down on the beach and I swam in the lake for a good while too. Was pretty warm actually and very freshing!

Into Las Vegas, and after dinner right next to the Stratosphere we looked at going up until we found it was $10 a piece. But too much on this trip, but maybe next time. Treasure Island looked cool, but we’d just missed the pirate show and didn’t fancy waiting an hour and a half for the next one! The white tigers and dolphin display at The Mirage both closed around 5.30p.m, so that was 4 for 4 thanks to the Last Vegas Events website 🙁 Still, was nice seeing all the casinos lit up such as The Rivieria:

The Riviera

We caught a full fountain display at The Bellagio, which I got video of from right in the middle of the lake which turned out quite okay, to the tune of ‘Luck Be a Lady Tonight’. This was from the show just before and is definately worth watching as it’s very impressive, especially the enterprising guys wandering around with coolers packed with ice and bottled water selling them at $2 a piece!

The Bellagio water display

The Parisien section was pretty cool all lit up. Guessing there was a nice charge for going up the Eiffel Tower so we were content to look at it instead!

Parisien section

Kat really liked The Excalibur, mainly as it was a big fairytale castle! They also had a horse drawn carriage statue which Kat sat in and gave a really nice view with Excalibur in the background, but as with most of the photos, they just didn’t come out too well in the dark 🙁

The Excalibur

And at the bottom end of the strip, the pillar of light visible from pretty much right down The Strip was thanks to the Luxor:

The Luxor

Only thing we didn’t get to see was the volcano eruption which was meant to be at The Mirage. Maybe we just weren’t looking in the right place or had the completely wrong casino! Kinda sucked that some of the stuff inside such as the animal displays at The Mirage or Roman soldiers at Ceasars weren’t going on an evening and that it cost quite a bit for going up the Stratosphere tower (and probably the Eiffel Tower) as they would have been cool. Both of us have pretty sore feet now, so think an evening seeing the sights is probably enough for now, and at least we know where things are, and times + costs of things if we come back 🙂


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