Storm in Arizona

After a month of traveling and only receiving a few spots of rain yesterday, the heavens opened this evening in Williams, Arizona! Pretty much everyone from the motel was sitting outside watching the lightning (partly because the air con in the rooms is crap!) and I thought it was really cool.

Arizona storm

Not quite lucky enough to get some of the fork lightning, but still the sky was light up with awesome blues + purples! Freshens things up a bit, and must be a relief to fire and forest crews in the area as there’s some huge forest fires in Utah and northern Arizona. One fire raging for a few days just north of where we were in Cedar City has burnt over 300,000 acres, and if conditions hadn’t improved by Friday there were planning on closing the Kaibab Forest which surrounds both the north + south rim of the Grand Canyon due to the devastation that would be caused in those areas by a forest fire.


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