Grand Canyon – North Rim

When you think of the Grand Canyon, you probably imagine the vast deserts of Arizona and the canyon itself cut into the rock whilst you look at it under the scorching sun. We drove through miles and miles of dense ponderosa pine and aspen forests in the Kaibab Forest before arriving at Bright Angel Point and getting a view of the eastern end of the Grand Canyon under a cool canopy of trees:

Grand Canyon from Angels Point

Although it wasn’t the picture-perfect views of those that appear on the postcards and travel shows from the South Rim, the North Rim was still pretty impressive. Maybe slightly down-played as we’ve seen so many impressive parks in Utah, tomorrow when we head to the South Rim we might really get knocked off our feet when we can see huge sections of the Grand Canyon. From Point Imperial, the highest point in the whole park, we could look out over the east of the canyon and towards the Navajo reservation:

Point Imperial

Roosevelt Point gave a nice little half-mile trail looking out over the Nankoweap Canyon:

Roosevelt Point

Further down at Walhalla Point was a well-hidden viewing platform everyone else seemed to be missing but gave some nice views of the Unkar Delta where the Ancestral Puebloan lived + farmed between 900-1200AD. Some ruined buildings across the road also gave insight into their way of life:

Walhalla Overlook

I can see why the North Rim isn’t anywhere nearly as widely visited as the South Rim as it is quite a hike to get there. We’re staying in Page, Arizona (where we’ve an hour behind the rest of Arizona since the Navajo land doesn’t recognise daylight savings time…) and it was a good two and half drive to get here, and about two hours south of Cedar City, Utah. I don’t think the views are quite going to match up to the South Rim (at least I hope it’s impressive tomorrow!), but is worth a visit if you’re checking out the area.

But, Page is right on the shore of Lake Powell, a huge man-made reservoir providing all sorts of water sports. The Glen Canyon dam itself is pretty impressive, especially the road bridge that spans the canyon just in front of the damn!

Glen Canyon dam

Hopefully we can get a good night’s sleep before an early start to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, then tomorrow evening we’re staying in Williams in a motel on Route 66 😀


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