Canyonlands National Park – The Needles

A fairly early start got us to the south east corner of Canyonlands National Park, the Needles area, with hardly any other visitors there. It was quite a scenic drive out there, and we were definately still in canyon country – Big Spring Canyon was at the end of the main road, and if it hadn’t already been 95F, a nice place to hike:

Big Spring Canyon

The Needles themselves looked cool from a distance, but the graded dirt road described as being suitable for a standard 2-wheel drive car certainly wasn’t too good in our Prius so we couldn’t get to the Elephant Hill area for some closer views:

The Needles

A 700+ year old granary used by Indians to store corn gave an indication that the area had seen people living off the land, though it’s thought they were nomadic rather than making they’re permanent home here. Makes sense – either that or invent air conditioning!

Indian granary

Back to Moab, we found a cool little road just a few miles from the hotel that has ancient Indian petroglyphs from 700AD-1200AD. They were pretty cool, though unfortunately the second site seemed pretty defaced by people carving their own names into the rock or drawing they’re own images.


And right across from the rock face with the petroglyphs, the Colorado River looking slightly more serene that a few miles downstream where it roars through the canyons:

Colorado River

Unfortunately, my camera really seems to be dying 🙁 Guess it’s not just my body that doesn’t appreciate the temperature swing of -35F in the middle of the Alaskan winter to 107F in the middle of summer in the Utah desert! Out of 87 photos today, only 37 came out. The zoom error has developed further, requiring the 3x optical zoom to be maxed out before rolling back to 1x as before otherwise it won’t focus. With the sun so bright, I’d been using the optical viewfinder rather than the LCD screen when taking photos as it’s very difficult to see the screen. It means the optical zoom is basically out of action, and the digital zoom isn’t perfect. Kat brought her camera even though she never uses it, so I’ve commandeered that as a replacement – just means I need a to get a ton of AA batteries tomorrow!


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