Month: July 2007

Fishing (without any success!)

On Sunday afternoon, Archie let Nick and I borrow his boat again and we headed down the river a few miles and tried our luck fishing a bit. The locals never tried fishing on the river running through Tunt until

Permanent residency approved

As if one last hurrah, Murphy’s law reared it’s head this afternoon – checking the mail I received a letter from the USCIS reading “Welcome to the United States of America” 😀 My application for permanent residency has been approved

Back home safe + sound

Back at home in Tunt (and back on our super high-speed internet…) 🙂 The last couple of days were busy in Anchorage as we had a ton of shopping going on. We picked up a cheap $20 duffle bag from

Our new puppy, Mia

After a right run round around over Saturday + Sunday at the animal shelter, we ended up with this beauty 😀 She’s about 7 months old, and a right mix of breeds! The colouring is of a burmese mountain dog,

Sunshine in Anchorage

After the rain in Oregon + Washington, we’re now sat outside Anchorage airport in the sunshine 🙂 The flight this morning was fine, though they boarded the plane ridiculously early so we were sat for almost an hour before the