Falling off a kayak (repeatedly…)

After the jet skiing yesterday, Dan also fancied going out on the kayaks. I didn’t realise he used to have his own when he was younger and did all sorts of competitions! The manager warned the jet skis next to us that the water was pretty choppy which didn’t bode well.

Departing kayaks

Was a bit weird as they were open top kayaks, but turned out to be for the best I guess! Dan wasn’t too impressed with the holes in the bottom to let the water out to stop it sinking as the water was pretty damn cold at like 10.30a.m!

Me kayaking out

About 100 yards out the marina, we really hit some waves and that was it for me, rolled it over. Managed to flip the kayak back over, but as the waves kept hitting it, everytime I tried to climb back in it rolled again, much to Dan’s amusement! One of the guys from boating place came out on a jet ski who found it equally amusing which really wound me up! Ended up climbing up on the back of his jet ski and then getting back in the kayak. Was pretty calm after that until we started heading back in to the marina where I rolled off a wave again. Managed to get back in first time with Dan holding my kayak, but then we realised we’d lost our paddles – I ended up drifting right up onto a private beach before Dan got them back and we could head back again.

Out the kayak

Needless to say I was pretty cold + wet by the time I got back on the beach! Was good fun apart from all the waves around the marina area, and for only $20 for an hour’s rental, a nice way to see the lake + mountains at a slightly slower pace than doing 40mph on a jet ski 😀


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