Jet skiing on Lake Tahoe

At lunchtime we had a cool pool-party where both our families got together which was really good fun. Kat had got a ton of food, enough for lunch tomorrow as well! Was nice for everyone to meet each other too, and Joel had managed to get some time off from work to join us as well.

This afternoon, Dan and I finally managed to hire a couple of jet skis and head out onto the lake 😀 They were wickedly good fun, pretty much like the first time I first rode out on the snowmobile in Tunt, except these Yamaha FX Cruiser jet skis had 998cc engines and kicked out 140hp! This is Dan (on the left) and I being shown where about the boundary markers were (which we still didn’t full understand!):

Preparing to jet ski

After kinda figuring it out, I started heading out the marina area onto the main part of the lake:

Leaving marina

The jet skis easily got up to 35-40mph, though as the water was fairly choppy from the wind, I topped out at 45mph which was plenty fast enough for me anyways! Joel had told us that going out on jet skis were one of the best ways to see the area and he was right, I just wished we had more freedom and could have explored a wider area. But, as the fire had died so much there was only a little smoke right over where the fire was still burning, and so the lake and mountains were all completely clear.

After an hour, Dan led the way back into the beach (as I did another quick sprint along the shore…):

Dan returning

Coming back in, Kat got a cool little movie of me slowly bringing the jet ski back onto the beach, trying my best to keep to the 5mph speed limit 🙁

Would definately recommend it, and if I lived round here I’d certainly look at getting one! Seemed a little bit expensive at $100 for an hour’s rental including gas + tax, but something to remember and Dan + I both really enjoyed it!

Tonight we’re all heading out to a buffet dinner at one of the casinos just over state line in Nevada, and tomorrow we’re hoping to take a drive round at least part of the lake and maybe an evening cruise.


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