Hanging out in South Lake Tahoe

The fire has been up + down in terms of how well it’s being controlled and the damage it’s causing, but it’s meant we’ve spent 3 days sat around South Lake Tahoe not doing a great deal as once you’ve wandered up + down the highway checking out the same gift shops a few times it kinda wears thin. Kat’s mom managed to make it into town yesterday before the fire picked up again and they started limiting access on the roads, but it’s a bit frustrating both sets of families have spent thousands of dollars getting here and haven’t seen a great deal. Thankfully we got up Heavenly on Sunday morning otherwise it really wouldn’t have been very impressive for my family!

Since we just sat around the hotel yesterday afternoon, I’ve put a load of photos online from the last week or two:

Dan and I are hoping to head out on the lake on jetskis today as we hung around yesterday waiting to see if Luke wanted to join us. Kat’s also planning a pool party for lunchtime since a barbecue might not go down well given the fire is still ranging and so many people have lost their homes and/or been evacuated. Joel is taking time off work to join us so should be good, as although Kat’s mom + brother arrived yesterday lunchtime, they’ve just slept since after leaving home at 1a.m for a 5 hour drive before 7 hours or so flying and waiting around in airports and we haven’t actually seen them!


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