Road trip, day 1, no car…

Well, the flight down to Seattle was fine. That’s about where it started going downhill. The airport at Seattle isn’t all that impressive, with a very cluttered baggage claim area and multiple flights coming in on mis-labelled baggage carousels. After trudging around trying to get to the rental car pickup place, we had to get a shuttle taking us a couple of miles from airport where we found that this branch of Dollar Rent a Car is a franchise, so independent of the national Dollar Rent a Car company, which means you can only drive the car through Washington, Orgeon and Idaho. We would also have to return to one of their offices after 4 weeks in order to get it checked over as we were renting for 5 weeks, even though their maximum rental period is 45 days. None of those ‘minor’ restrictions were documented in the terms and conditions whilst booking through Alaska Air’s partner site, meaning we’ve had to get the shuttle back to the airport, taxi to the hotel (which isn’t too bad) and book a car through Alamo for tomorrow morning.

Suppose renting a car through a company with a name like Dollar Rent a Car should give some indication what they’re like. The rep suggesting we just drove it anyways and not worry about the restrictions was just ridiculous. Not impressed, and definately not recommended.


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