Photos from around Anchorage

Sat at Anchorage airport with a couple of hours to kill before we fly down to Seattle. We had the hotel shuttle sorted for 11a.m to take us to the airport as otherwise we were stuck with all our baggage, but it turned out really well as the driver was really into airplanes and engineering, so took us on a tour around Lake Hood to see all the floatplanes, explaining the different airlines and types of planes, then got us to departures at about 12.45p.m 🙂 Filled some time in, and was cool as the Anchorage tour stopped a Lake Hood briefly to see some of the floatplanes, but then headed on elsewhere.

But, now I have wi-fi for the MacBook, can post some photos from the last few days. Leaving Tunt was cool as you could clearly see all the wetlands covering the whole area:

Leaving Tunt

We also landed into Napaskiak, a little village just outside of Bethel to drop a couple of people off at fish camp. It was the first time I’d landed in another village, even if was just for a couple of minutes! I managed a cool little video so you can see what it’s like coming in to land in a little Cessna 207 in the bush:

On Thursday afternoon after we’d got stuff sorted at the immigration department, we took one of the trolley tours around Anchorage. Was only an hour long, but was a nice way to see places like Earthquake Park and Lake Hood. Coming back onto 4th avenue and the visitors center, the driver bumped into a truck so we got off and let them get on with it!

Anchorage trolley ride

Friday morning we took the shuttle to the zoo which was a lot better than we were both expecting. They had quite a few animals native to Alaska, my favourite being the polar bears:

Polar bears

They also had a pair of brown bears:

Brown bears

And a couple of black bears, which we got to just as one of the wardens was feeding them and showing they were pretty well trained for responding to voice commands and foraging for hidden food:

Black bear

Two animals not quite native to Alaska were a couple of amur tigers enjoying the sunshine:

Amur tigers

Definately a cool way to fill a few hours in, and the free shuttle from downtown to the zoo was also really useful:

Zoo shuttle

Later on in the afternoon we met up with Jason + Kimberley who were staying in Anchorage through June, and headed a little south of Anchorage to Turnaround Pount. It was really nice and on the way back through Anchorage at the end of July we’re hoping to head to the Kenai peninsula, especially after a getting a taste of what the Seward highway that leads down there is like!

Turnaround point

Our little tour this morning around Lake Hood, the biggest + busiest float plane airport in the world with over 800 float planes based there, was really good fun, especially since it wasn’t expected! Seeing the float planes take off and land was entertaining as it just looks wrong!

I’m guessing the warning about feeding the waterfowl applies to the ducks rather than the planes though:

Float plane

Hopefully there won’t be any delays with the flight down to Seattle this afternoon and we get the rental car sorted okay and find the hotel without any problems! Tomorrow is just driving down the interstate to Eugene, Oregon, and then we’re hoping to take in Crate Lake National Park, Redwood National Park and Lassen Volcano National Park on our way to Lake Tahoe by the weekend when our families start flying out 🙂


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