All sorted with the immigration stuff

We got into Anchorage fine yesterday and the motel is pretty good. Have some cool photos of the flight from Tunt and a good video of what it’s like on those little planes, but I haven’t got he MacBook hooked up to wi-fi connection yet. There’s a few dodgy hotels around here, but the taxi driver agreed this motel was okay 🙂

This morning we headed to the USCIS building (nicely located across the block from a falafel joint and abandonded fried chicken takeaway…) and got through the interview. Was a bit more formal than at the embassy, but still only 10 minutes long and asked for next to none of our paperwork. Also got to give the fingerprints as there was no-one else waiting around and they weren’t exactly rushed off their feet, so least it’s all sorted. If they do send anything through the mail whilst we’re away it would just be request for more information rather than an appointment to show up again so we shouldn’t have any problems whilst we’re travelling.

So, we’ve got a few days in Anchorage now before flying down to Seattle. Would have been easier to fly down today if we’d known everything would get sorted so quickly, but we may as well wait now rather than pay extra to change flights and stuff.


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